Inside Milotown

Inside Milotown

Creating a world of costumes, characters and countless props!

Since being commisioned by Channel 5 back in 2019, Team Milo has been extremely busy developing, creating and establishing the visual style of Milo’s bright and vibrant world.

This is no mean feat given the number of characters, props and assets that are needed across each episode!

Set in his parents dry cleaning shop called Scrubby’s, Milo explores the world of jobs and vocations along side his best friends, Lofty and Lark, through the medium of roleplay and dressing up. In each episode, a customer will bring their work outfit to Scrubby’s to have it cleaned, leaving the shop in just their underwear (a running joke throughout the series!) For Season 1, a broad mix of characters has been created from the animal kingdom, split equally across both genders, and each of those 35 characters has 2 vocations, so the required number of costume assets quickly begins to multiply!

Joe Moroney, Fourth Wall’s MD and Executive Producer on the show said, “Milo is quite an ambitious undertaking for our first TV production, given the format of the show and the number of costume changes that each character has. The art department and character team were kept very busy in the first period of production, creating both clean and dirty work outfits along with vocationally-themed underwear too. Having three main characters that are also required to change clothing when they begin their roleplay adventure has meant our expanding virtual wardrobe is one that Beyoncé would be proud of!”

Clothes and workwear aren’t the only growing requirement, as Milo, Lofty and Lark take on every profession going from Chef, Explorer, Footballer and Mountaineer, to Doctor, Mechanic and Librarian to name a few.

This has meant an ever-expanding list of vehicles, machinery, tools and props as the trio immerse themselves fully in their exciting career roles in Milotown.

The show also helps to break down stereotypes around certain jobs, which is why the team has playfully mixed the character’s roles within the show, so Dame Delores, the opera-singing hippo may look fabulous onstage, but her alternate job as a Seamstress ensures that her wardrobe is tailor-made for her, and very much to her exacting standards!

The props list associated with the vocationally-driven stories is ever-increasing, but depicting each job as accurately as possible while celebrating it was important to the production team. Having a rich world where every job is amazing to Milo and his friends has been enhanced by the colourful environments, fun vehicles and numerous equipment that the three friends interact with. It’s a key factor in giving the show its visual appeal. Catch Milo and his adventures weekdays on Channel 5 and on catch-up on My5.

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